It is very difficult to find a definition of DISCO MUSIC, but let’s try!
The musical formula of the disc refers to a dance music based on a rhythm of four quarters. Bass and drums were more prominent than rock. The fact that the rhythm set aside the key symbols of rock authority, the guitar and the lead vocal, was an important challenge to add to the different identities: rock was dominated by whites and heterosexuals, the disco was swarming with African Americans, women he’s gay.


· A rhythm between 95 and 125 beats per minute (bpm);
· A catchy, catchy melody;
· A rhythmic configuration almost always characterized by the classic ‘in four’ kick (one beat per measure, which with beats typically in four quarters meant four beats per beat) and the hi-hat on the ‘upbeat’ measure (see YMCA).


The record had first-rate musicians, producers, record companies, nothing was improvised. Someone had the ability to create and direct the phenomenon, someone ‘only’ to exploit it. There were certainly also the improvisers who made the lucky break from the charts but … the record was the stuff of professionals, not adventurers and amateurs in disarray.

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