Dear Discolovers, summer is long gone, indeed it is now time for snow and therefore for skiing. Did you go skiing as children? I do, and I started in the 70s. Having always gone to the same ski resort, I cannot help but notice how mountain fashion has changed from then to today.

Let’s start by saying that as lifts there were only ski lifts and chairlifts, often in a single place. Ski boots, especially in the early 70s, were not yet made of plastic and therefore the basic material was hard leather, with 4 or 5 fastenings in metal buckles. The jumpsuits were of padded nylon and the windbreakers were tight and tight, as the fashion of the period dictated, worn over high-necked sweaters. Synthetic materials and all those elastic fibers, which are hot while guaranteeing impermeability and transpiration of the skin, were still far from coming.image2-2
It was therefore much easier to sweat or be cold, especially if you fell. Headphones were worn rigorously without pompoms, and to repair the eyes on the slopes they used those masks that often had yellowish lenses; but the highlight of the mountain clothing were the snow boots. In fact, the famous fully synthetic Moon Boot arrived only at the end of the 70s, with their design similar to that of today, canceling a decade of après-ski in poodle-like fur. Actually they were called just like that: poodles, because they had long hair like a dog and a big mole: when you used them for a while the snow remained attached to the ends, which soon turned into small icy balls. In short, ski clothing in the 70s was not so fashionable, but what memories do you have of those white weeks of over 30 years ago?

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