This is the cinematic scenario of the Disco Music of the 70s. In the early 1970s the US gradually abandoned the recent political battles, masterfully embodied by phenomenologies typical of the time (flower children, pacifists, student, gay and racial battles). The NY of those years was turbulent, violent, contradictory and with a thousand faces, crowded with drug dealers, corrupt police, ferocious gangs, ghettos and neighborhoods left in total degradation. Well … it is precisely in this scenario of the NY of the 70s and against the background of this square of moral and spiritual degradation, of strong voices of social demand and requests for evasion, a wise reflection of an era of extremely complex changes, which are placed the now infamous scenes of films of the caliber of “A man from the sidewalk”, “The violent arm of the law”, “Taxi driver”, “Shat”, “The executioner of the night”.

Disco music was born in this putrescent context of the Big Apple, in places that later became historic such as Studio 54 and the Loft.
This music, although it might appear at a glance an elegant phenomenon and made only of sequins, sequins and stroboscopic balls, all symbols that will later become its world icon, is nothing more than a phenomenon of evasion and a strong voice of social claim, even if dressed in beautiful, engaging and danceable notes, which are very well cared for.

Just think that at the Loft, the first and historic club of disco music in NY, nothing was left to chance, not even the needles of the turntable made to measure by Japanese foundries… !!!
Music, disco music and therefore dance, become in this context a moment of total democracy, zeroing of the limits of color, social class and sexual orientation and those films, nothing more than these fascinating scenarios … ..

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