The “Queen“ of 70s, Freddie Mercury stage name of Farrok Bulsare was born in Stone Town Tanzania on 4 September 1946.

A brilliant student, natural artistic and sporting talent, Freddie was also gifted with an extraordinary ear; it was for this reason that his teachers encouraged him to study music. He had incredible taste, superior intelligence and possessed an extraordinary vocal range reaching four octaves with the help of the falsetto.
Biographer David Bret said that his voice was capable of going from a guttural rock roar to a pure, crystalline high. Montseerrat Caballè was impressed by his technique when they recorded “Barcelona” together. She herself declared that her voice ranged from the Fa of the first octave to the Fa of the fifth octave.
According to an anecdote when he founded his first group “The Eretics” Freddie punched Bruce because he called him “walrus” because of his protruding teeth, a defect that Freddie never corrected for fear that his tone of voice would change.

His artistic influence is also noticeable in the creation of the “Queen” logo, in fact inside there are the zodiac signs of the members of the group with a Phoenician Arabian above all. Freddie loved art deeply one of his favorite artists was the Belarusian Marc Chagall, of whom he bought several works during the Magic tour of Budapest. Freddie took advantage of every tour to give vent to his passions, it is said that in Japan he bought huge and very expensive “Koi” carp to put in his home pond in Kensington. He also had a genuine passion for his cats to which he dedicated two songs on the album “Mister bad guy”.
On the net there are also two songs recorded and never officially released, the result of a collaboration between Freddie and Michael Jackson. After 30 albums and 707 concerts, on November 24th 1991 at 6:48 pm the heart of this extraordinary artist stops beating struck by pneumonia, a consequence of AIDS that had undermined his body. Not without first having given us a pearl of absolute beauty the album “Innuendo”.

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